Heka Saucery Celebrates 1 Year!

Heka Saucery Celebrates 1 Year!

Though we just launched last month, the waters have been turbulent with an abundance of hard work and dedication underneath the surface. 

In March of 2021, we officially formed Heka Saucery, LLC, and two magical souls embarked on a journey to bring Egyptian sauces to the world in the middle of a pandemic.  Neither of us knew exactly how to do it.  We've been learning so much about how the food manufacturing sector operates through trial and error.  There have been a lot of setbacks, both personal and professional, but the fact remains that we are dedicated to our mission. 

We want to introduce the rich and exotic cuisine of Egypt to the world, and empower the home cook to take the journey with us to this culturally & historically rich land.  Dinnertime should always be magical, and we promise that our Positively Magical Sauces will deliver. 

We officially launched on February 23, 2022, selling at Koshary Corner (Iman's Restaurant in Clarksville), and online.  The first day was a huge success thanks to YOU, and we are humbled and grateful for all of your support!  March 5th, we attended our first Farmer's Market at the Clarksville Commons, and nearly sold out.  The remaining jars didn't last long, so it remains that we are completely sold out at the moment!

Thank you, dear friends for your incredible support.  We had high hopes, and those were exceeded beyond our wildest dreams.  We are working diligently to re-stock, and you'll be the first to know! 


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